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commercial projects


Location: Silverdale, WA
Year Built: 2013

Inspired by the legendary outdoor enthusiast brand, the site for the Silverdale, WA REI store emphasizes sustainability through biofiltration practices and interesting seasonal layers of xeriscape plantings, helping to reduce contaminated stormwater in a thoughtful way.

The Centennial

Client: Tim Ryan Construction

Location: Poulsbo, WA
Year Built: 2016
Collaborators: Rice Fergus Miller Architecture

Inspired by Crabtree, a farm-to-table restaurant, the site itself is lushly planted with edible flowers, herbs, and berries. The edible plants, entry courtyard gathering space, and trail connection to neighboring Centennial Park serve the restaurant, Vibe coworking space, Chocmo, and High Spirits. One stop where you can eat, work, and drink.

Liberty Bay Medical Building

Client: Westlake Associates

Location: Poulsbo, WA
Year Built: 2018
Collaborators: Blue Architecture

Liberty Medical Building and plaza were given a new lease on life during their revamp. This once outdated space has become inviting to both customers and pollinators.

columbia Beverage

Client: Marine View Beverage

Location: Poulsbo, WA
Year Built: 2011

This beverage distributor, located in the Olhava district of Poulsbo, WA, sought to elevate what could have been a typical warehouse-style building, by introducing vast swaths of lush and layered inviting green space.

Taco Bell

Client: Orchard Group

Location: Poulsbo, WA
Year Built: 2021

Fast food meets sustainability. This forward thinking project includes solar lighting, covered outdoor seating, stormwater filtration, and drought-tolerant planting.

Silverdale Dental

Location: Silverdale, WA
Year Built: 2015

The Silverdale Dental Center and its commercial tenant help define a gateway into Old Town Silverdale in a way that thoughtfully respects both the nautical and farmland history of the area.

Kitsap Humane Society

Location: Silverdale, WA
Year Built: 2018 - present
Collaborators: Rice Fergus Miller Architecture, NL Olson and Associates

This site includes a design for the Adoption Center courtyard, new parking lot and plantings, dog walking trails, vet center, and large animal barn, establishing a welcoming atmosphere and functional space for the adoption of your newest furry friend. The plants chosen for this space are drought-tolerant, pet-safe, and native to the Northwest.

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